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Daniel Mills

Specializing in web application development with Microsoft .NET Framework, C#, SQL Server


Updated October 14, 2014

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.NET Application Developer


Application Development:

  • Microsoft Certified .NET Professional with 7 years experience utilizing .NET Technologies to design, develop, test, deploy and maintain WinForm, WPF, WebForm, MVC and WCF applications
  • Involved in full life cycle development including analysis, design, development and testing
  • Experienced with SQL Server database design, development and maintenance
  • Proven ability to create technical solutions that meet business requirements


March 2013 – Present Betz Industries - Betz Industries, MI
.NET DeveloperDeveloper / Project Lead:
This ISO 9001 certified manufacturing firm needed to replace their business and data management systems with Microsoft technology in all plants and departments. My work included WinForms client project development, using Visual Studio 2012/2013 with the Infragistics extensions. I incorporated WPF interoperability in several projects and implemented Infragistics WPF extensions. I also developed a SQL Reporting project in Visual Studio. I developed data models, data access, business rules, and interface code classes for three WCF web services. I designed and developed a WPF application for occasionally connected Windows Tablets. For that application I created SQLEXPRESS remote databases and synchronized them with Merge Replication and RMO Programming.

Created client WinForms application projects, nested and inherited custom user controls in C#. Implemented WPF interoperability to develop printing controls that separated business rules from markup. Developed WPF widows to enhance the UI appearance and maintainability.

Created a reporting project and developed SQL RDLC reports with parameterized sub reports.

Created a WPF tablet application for remote, occasionally connected operation.

Developed SQL Server 2012 Publication and Pull Type Subscriptions, and implemented database synchronization via Merge Replication with RMO Programming.

Developed WCF ADO.Net datasets and classes for data access, business rules implementation, and to expose the services to the client application. Authored T-SQL stored procedures, functions, and triggers using SQL Server Management Studio 2012.

Employed SQL Compare to synchronize database schemas and migrating changes from dev. to test. Utilized AccuRev for source code version control.

Decembr 2012 – March 2013 CU*Answers - Cascade, MI
ASP.NET Developer:
This firm needed to complete a Web application makeover utilizing new CSS. My part involved rewriting an XSLT project, and reformatting AS400 data streams for an MVC project. All components deployed on time: January 28. I also implemented encrypted single sign on functionality for credit cards, passing my work through QC and to production ahead of schedule. Finally, I authored new data transaction classes, controller action methods, view models, and views for a project called Automated Skip a Pay.

Authored XSLT transforms that incorporated new CSS within the New Loan application, passing data streams to and from the AS400 databases.

Authored an MVC3 project that implemented encrypted account signature technology for credit card single sign on functionality.

Authored an MVC3 project that provides “Automated Skip a Pay” service for qualifying member loans.

Utilized the Trello Agile Board, for progress tracking from assignment, through QC, and to production, and utilized SVN for source code management.

August 2012 – Decembr 2012 Family Christian Stores - Kentwood, MI
ASP.NET Developer:
This firm needed to complete and deploy a Website to complement their customer offer and coupon generator. We completed and deployed version 1 on September 28. An enhanced version is scheduled for release on October 26. I am ahead of this schedule.

Utilized LINQ to Entities to manage MS SQL and AS400 databases. For example, I authored methods to select customer credit account data by passing parameters to the AS400 and to insert related coupon and donation data in the SQL databases, according to the client response, while updating the AS400.

Implemented URL routing in order to detach presentation from business layer. I used the global.asax to register routs for URLs that I defined in a public utility class. In this way, the URL that the client bookmarks is independent of naming of the application file structure.

Utilized NHibernate for mapping and data query. This open-source ORM is an alternative to MS Entity Framework.

Employed Web Services for coupon view/print. I included the Web reference within my project solution. I declared the service in the application settings element of the Web.config file, and I implemented a user control on a web page that called the service via javaScript.

October 2010 - August 2012 Alcoa Howmet - Whitehall, MI
ASP.NET Consultant:
The Alcoa Howmet Instrumentation Department needed an ASP.NET 3.5 / SQL Server 2005 application to manage its thermocouples business (07/11 – 08/12)
The C# application I developed manages data for thermocouple design, construction, serial numbers, purchase orders, purchase requests, sales, shipments, invoices, credit returns, precious metal values and reprocessing costs, inventory item management, labor and overhead costs, customer details for their world-wide market, application users with roles based authentication and authorization.

Provided dynamic access to all hyperlinks, email targets, and customer based settings for default target lead times, price structure defaults, and shipping default settings. Developed override access for the administrator, supervisor, and manager roles, according to the design specifications that we established.

Included methods to log and retrieve all changes to prices and application user information. Developed methods for the administrator to create and maintain business rules and application documentation.

Utilized Visual Studio Team Explorer (TFS) for source code control and change management. I also participated with report project migration, with the testing team, and with and project deployment.

Alcoa Howmet needed an Internet-based work flow application to generate and maintain safety records. They required a VB.NET 2.0 application with multiple SQL Server databases. This project began as an Access desktop application in another U.S. location. Some steps had been taken to convert it to .NET and SQL prior to my arrival. I reorganized most of the existing code and extended the application to satisfy the testing teams. (10/10 – 06/11)

The application I developed uses roles-based authentication, JavaScript within dynamic custom Web controls, and it launches email to defined targets at each step in the work flow sequence. The email data forms include links to specified pages within the application, which populate appropriately for that instance for that authorized user.

Each of 2,400 employees is required to use this application at least once per quarter to enter safety related data. That data is then passed through a dynamic work flow sequence whereby responsibility is reevaluated and reassigned. Information about remedial actions, work orders, activities, people and departments involved is collected, utilized, and stored for auditing.

I was the only .NET developer on staff at the time. Although the project definition and work flow rules changed at each testing session, I finished on schedule, two months after my assignment. I participated in testing, deployment, and documentation. Although I was available for support, as requested, for a month after deployment, there were no bugs reported.

I was asked to add some admin controls for flexibility with the business rules. I continue to do other IT work for Alcoa-Howmet.

February - March 2011 Harbor Psychological Associates - Muskegon, MI
ASP.NET Developer:
This agency needed a web site with the potential to manage increasing business needs. The.NET application that I designed has a professional appearance with some Flash animation.

I developed a SQL-2008 database back end to provide roles-based access for members of the firm. They schedule outside appointments, maintain business records, and communicate with each other and with the public through this web application. I utilized jQuery within nested dynamic Web controls for user friendly date selections. I leveraged ADO.NET classes to drive the dynamic Web controls.

I customized fully functioning blog applications for each of the firm's partners, and deployed them in separate sub domains, passing user credentials for a seamless UI. I also provided a dynamic jQuery accordion control on the site's home page and the means for news items to be presented thus.

Future plans include an interface with existing billing and client scheduling software.

March - May 2010 Wow Hair and Body Care - North Muskegon, MI
ASP.NET Developer:
This professional team required a web site with the potential to support future business needs according to growing needs and priorities. I designed a professional looking.NET application with some Flash animation. I used the web server file system for data storage. I wrote data driven pages for customers and administrators. Administrators may login to edit price lists and photos. Public users may download product files and leave comments. I also provided an email contact from.

The application I developed, deployed, and maintain satisfies the business owner's present needs. Future plans include a SQL Server database and ASP.NET pages for secure business management functionality.

February 2009 - February 2010 E-Z-O Antennas - Muskegon, MI
ASP.NET Developer:
I developed and deployed this site to market a ham radio antenna that I had invented. The site includes a state-of-the-art e-commerce application, which I modified from open source nopCommerce. nopCommerce provided an opportunity to grasp the power and sophistication available with .NET 4.0.

I designed and Developed ASP.NET pages in C#, with SQL Server database. Professional design and implementation of marketing and business rules required customized tailoring of standard components such as product search, dynamic shipping calculations, and returning customer rewards. This site also provides a blog. I utilized Custom Controls, JavaScript, XML and Themes.

(My revolutionary antenna design gained the attention of hams worldwide, as evidenced by the number of my YouTube video hits, but acceptance was slow in developing. I turned my attention away from marketing and manufacturing the antenna and I took the store offline.)

November 2008 - January 2009 Lakeshore Mental Health Professionals - Muskegon, MI
ASP.NET Developer:
An association of approximately 50 mental health professionals needed a web site to present member information through a searchable user interface. Their goal was to improve upon the hard-copy publication they regularly produced and distributed to referring agencies.

The application I developed collects member information and photos and stores them in a SQL Server database. I used bridge tables to normalized data since each member could have many office locations, accept many insurance types, and offer many services. I used stored procedures and table constraints for data integrity.

I developed a search page for visitors to query over as many as eight criteria including distance from home, all in one step, or to see a list all member therapists. Selection from this list presents the details, in the form of a wizard.

I collected subscription fees with https, but changed to PayPal for money transactions.

November 2007 - February 2008 Muskegon Area Amateur Radio Council - Muskegon, MI
ASP.NET Developer:
I volunteered to add functionality to the existing HTML website for the Muskegon Area Amateur Radio Council. I developed ASP.NET pages and SQL Server database tables, hosted on my platform, and referenced them to allow club members to sign up for activities. Soon, I had a dedicated a SQL Server database and the domain registration at my host.

I implemented forms based authentication and authorization for the officer's roles and for the club members (approximately 100). I added many useful features such as a dynamic membership list and the ability to join or renew online. The Treasurer could upload reports and only paid members could view them. Members could edit their own data while the Secretary had full control or these details. I utilized https, but changed to PayPal for money transactions.

Note: I also worked as a part-time instructor at five area colleges and universities until 2011, teaching Math, Physics, Electronics, and Computer Architecture.


Degrees and Certifications:

  • Microsoft Professional Certification: .NET Framework 2.0, C#
    Web Application Developer
  • Master of Education, Physics Concentration (GVSU 2006)
  • Bachelor of Science, Math major, Physics minor (GVSU 1998)
  • Associates of Arts, Electronics Technology (Muskegon CC)


Available upon request