Daniel Mills

- web application developer

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Daniel Mills

Specializing in web application development with Microsoft .NET Framework, C#, SQL Server

Welcome to my .NET development site!

(Updated October 14, 2014)

Here you'll find some of the web based projects that I have developed and helped to develop.

Certain content is sensitive and will require a login. For example, instructional videos for applications at business sites may only be viewed by people who need to see them.

Other content that protects business identities and practices but reveals scripting techniques requires a login in to help me network with those who share my passion for developing with the latest technologies.

The generally available content is here to provide a notion of the extent and focus of my programming experience for prospective clients and employers, and all curious persons. This presentation is incomplete however in that only content relevant to Microsoft's .NET Framework is included.

For more information, please send an email.

Thank you!

Daniel Mills